As the actual point of delivery for your audio, your choice of speaker is a key consideration in your hi-fi set-up.

Depending on your needs, space and budget, we can help you find the best speakers to complement your set-up. Our range of top quality products encompasses everything from floorstanding speakers to portable Bluetooth speakers, and from home cinema systems to premium DAB radios. Beautiful as well as functional, phone the store to arrange a demonstration of how the different speakers bring your audio to life.

We have a huge range of stock, and at the moment not all of it is available on the website. If you can’t see a product that meets your needs or you want to discuss the options with one of our experts please get in touch!

Our Speakers

Bluetooth and Wireless Speakers

  • A1 Black Hero Desk


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  • Beolit17 Black Hero


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  • Connect Front


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  • Phantom Packshot Gold Profilleft Gallery 3

    Gold Phantom

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  • Whitepair Kiithree

    Kii Three

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Bookshelf Speakers

  • 685 Black Ash OFF

    685 S2

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  • 686 Black Ash OFF

    686 S2

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  • 705 Series 2 Black OFF

    705 S2

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  • 706 Series 2 Black OFF

    706 S2

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  • 707 Series 2 Black OFF

    707 S2

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Floorstanding Speakers

  • 683 Black Ash OFF

    683 S2

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  • 684 Black Ash OFF

    684 S2

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  • 702 Series 2 Black OFF

    702 S2

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  • 703 Series 2 Black OFF

    703 S2

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  • 704 Series 2 Black OFF

    704 S2

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Sub-Woofer Speakers

  • ASW608 Black OFF


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  • ASW610 Black OFF


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  • DB1D Product Black

    DB1 D3

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  • DB2D Product Black

    DB2 D3

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  • DB3D Product Black

    DB3 D3

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