Whether you’re rocking the vinyl revival, looking for a system to play your beloved compact discs or going completely digital and streaming your music, we have the sources to play your music at the highest quality.

Whether you’re developing a new system or adding to an existing set up our range covers a wide selection of price points and capabilities, and our friendly team of experts will talk you through all the options to help you find the right equipment for you.

We have a huge range of stock, and at the moment not all of it is available on the website. If you can’t see a product that meets your needs or you want to discuss the options with one of our experts please get in touch!

Our Sources


  • 2Xperience DC Acryl 1

    2 xperience Acrylic

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  • Front

    Concept – Aluminium

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  • Debut Carbon Esprit Sb Dc 3 1024x615

    Debut Carbon Esprit

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  • Essential III 2 1024x549

    Essential 3 BT

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  • .jpg

    Performance DC

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CD Players

  • 20170921 PRIMARE ISeries 14498 E1526817955909 1200x595


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  • 20170320 PRIMARE Packshots 37281B E1498162896696 1200x841


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  • 461 Large


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  • 1 M3scd Front

    M3 scd

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  • 1 M6scd Front

    M6 scd

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Music Streamers

  • 1 M6 Encore Connect Front Nas

    M6 Encore connect

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  • 452 Large


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  • Port1au1blk Sonos Port Streaming Component Black

    Sonos Port

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  • 253 Large


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Network Players

  • 20170921 PRIMARE ISeries 14403 E1526666808121 1200x629


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  • Rt1570 Black


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Bluetooth Modules

  • Blink


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