Mains Conditioning

The electricity that actually powers your audio equipment has a profound effect on its eventual sound. Inconsistencies in the voltage supplied by the mains, as well as interference caused by other electrical appliances in your home, can all contribute to a noisy signal that detracts from your listening experience.

Mains conditioners are designed to solve these problems – call in to discuss what a difference they can make to your system today.

We have a huge range of stock, and at the moment not all of it is available on the website. If you can’t see a product that meets your needs or you want to discuss the options with one of our experts please get in touch!

Our Mains Conditioning Products

Distribution Blocks and Conditioners

  • Evo3 Polaris Large


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Phono Stages

  • Front (2)

    Nano Phono V2

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  • 455 Large


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  • Front (1)

    Smart Phono V2

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Mains Conditioning Cables