The amplifier is where the magic happens – turning your source signal into the sound you eventually hear.

Different designs, specifications and components all affect the balance and versatility of the output; and the range of different options for inputs and outputs in each model determine its flexibility for different hifi systems and setups.

Whether you need an all-rounder, a honed for a specific purpose, or the latest in audio technology, our range of products at Senso Systems can be demonstrated for you in our dedicated listening rooms store to give you the best understanding of your options.

We have a huge range of stock, and at the moment not all of it is available on the website. If you can’t see a product that meets your needs or you want to discuss the options with one of our experts please get in touch!

Our Amplifiers

Integrated Amplifiers

  • A10 Black


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  • A12 Black


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  • A14 Black


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  • I15 With EISA Award Logo Titanium V1 2.1MB 1200x536


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  • 20170320 PRIMARE Packshots 37316B E1500749492625 1200x694


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Power Amplifiers

  • Product Image A60


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  • 400 Large


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  • Rb1590 Black 0


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Phono Amplifiers

  • Phono Box DS

    Phono Box DS

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  • Phono Box MM 1024x655

    Phono box MM/MC

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  • Phono Box MM 1024x655

    Phono box MM/MC S2

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  • Tube Box DS 02

    Tube box DS

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  • Tube Box Ds2 2

    Tube box DS2

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Pre Amplifiers

  • PRE60 Front Straight White E1498210568918 1200x532


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  • Rc1590 Black


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Headphone Amplifiers

  • Head Box DS 03

    Project Head-box DS

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  • Head Box S 03

    Project Head-box S

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